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This article explains the difference between inspecting 'Locations' and 'Items' during an asbestos survey.

Note: This article relates to the 'Asbestos Survey v4' template.

Adding inspection records

When adding an inspection record, you need to specify whether it's a Location or an Item.

Inspecting Locations

Use this option if you're recording general observations about a room—for example, a general description of a kitchen.

Use the 'Location Notes' field to record your observations, for example, "Plasterboard walls, wooden floors, etc."

You may know this as adding Room Notes.

Tip: Recording Locations shows your client that you inspected everything within the scope. Not everyone records locations; it depends on your working style.

Inspecting Items

Use this option to record a specific point of interest within a room. For example, a textured coating ceiling where you suspected asbestos and took a sample.

Inspecting Locations and Items within the same report

An asbestos survey report will usually contain both inspected Locations and inspected Items.

However, it's perfectly valid to have a report with only locations (e.g. if no asbestos was suspected) or only items (e.g. if you don't record room notes).