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The King Brothers

We love app development and making great products to solve real-world problems.

With over 30-years development experience between us, we bring knowledge and confidence to any project.

Together, we've teamed up and applied our focus to creating the best surveying and reporting app on the market. Many of our clients would say we've already accomplished that goal!

David King 🔥


David King

David is the Lead Developer behind Flow Mobile Surveying —he's the ideas guy, the dreamer, and the technical brains behind the business and our ever-evolving product roadmap.

"I have a passion for software and business. I could see from an early age that the two go hand-in-hand. Balancing the two is an art I'm happy to practise.

At 13 years old, programming came first. Opportunities to work on businesses came later. My goal is to make software which is both simple and pleasurable to use.

One thing I've learned is that often the best decisions for software are not 'more features', but 'better communication' —this is something I'm sure our customers appreciate!"

Paul King 🔥


Paul handles the Business Operations. With skills in Software Development, Finance, Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing —he's the glue that holds everything together.

"While working at FTSE 100 company, Sage, I realised my true vocation was in business, and decided to hone my skills as a software developer.

I quickly became the lead software developer for a leading multi-national training software. Programming came naturally, as I enjoyed solving problems. But business became my main passion.

Now I apply my technical and people skills at Flow Mobile Surveying to drive the company forward, one customer at a time. My goal is to give surveying companies of all sizes a competitive advantage."

The Team

You can't build the best surveying software on the market without assembling a mighty team, and that's precisely what we've done!

A photograph of our co-founder and marketing expert, Paul King, showing some silly statistics about him

Paul King, Sales and Marketing

Paul spends his time getting to know clients and understanding their business problems —he loves everything about running a business.

Most people would call his role Sales and Marketing. But to Paul, it's just having fun. He enjoys looking after his body and mind, and figuring out how to give clients the best experience. Oh, and he looks like a lego man.

A photograph of our co-founder and software expert, David King, showing some silly statistics about him

David King, Lead Developer

David King is our resident technical whiz. He spends his time figuring out problems, and has a mind that's unmatched when it comes to software development.

David has been coding for 25 years. He would say this makes him one of the "greybeards" in the software industry, and he enjoys giving back to the development community.

A photograph of our Head of Customer Support, Mark Malone, showing some silly statistics about him

Mark Malone, Head of Customer Support

Got a technical problem? Mark is the hero who'll make sure it gets fixed.

With years of support experience under his belt, Mark heads up our Customer Support team. He's notorious for his mastery of keyboard shortcuts, and says things like "It's a UNIX system, I know this!"

A photograph of our Executive Assistant, Lucy Sibley, showing some silly statistics about her

Lucy Sibley, Executive Assistant to Paul King

Every Batman needs their Robin. Every snail needs a shell to protect it from the outside world. That's Lucy!

Lucy manages the demanding schedule of Paul King, from participating in demos to attending product feature reviews, she keeps Paul accountable daily, and focussed on high-value tasks.

A photograph of our Customer Support Manager, Andrew Houghton, showing some silly statistics about him

Andrew Houghton, Customer Success Manager

If you think of Customer Support as reactive, Customer Success is all about being pro-active.

Andrew will regularly check in on you to make sure you're enjoying our software and service. As polite and personable as they come, Andrew makes sure we don't forget about you once you're onboarded!

A photograph of our Technical Expert, Yana Miezhydova, showing some silly statistics about her

Yana Miezhydova, Technical Support Expert

Yana is the backbone of our support team. She's an expert at troubleshooting and fixing any issues you have with the software. 

Yana has a calming effect on everyone around her. You'll likely chat to Yana at some point when you setup a Flow Mobile Surveying account!

David's History: 
Lucion NexGen

"I've had many roles in my career. Working at Lucion Environmental was a vital influence in creating Flow Mobile Surveying. I've also worked with Venture Capital backed start-up companies"

David King - Director and co-founder at Flow Software Solutions

Here's what Patrick at Lucion Environmental said about David after he created their NexGen surveying software.

“I hired David to take Lucion paperless. Over a period of four years we migrated from a fragmented system to the system that David created: NexGen, the easy-to-use platform that now powers every part of our company.

David led the implementation of NexGen, from inception through completion and initial support. The approach was simple and methodical”

Patrick Morton - Managing Director at Lucion Environmental

Read More on our Blog - I Built Lucion NexGen, What's Next?

Paul's History:
Corrodere Academy

"I've had about as varied a career history as you can imagine. But that's given me a solid understanding of how to run a company. Now I love getting out of my comfort zone and taking it on!

Paul King - Director and Co-founder at Flow Software Solutions Ltd

Here's what Brendan at Fitz Coatings said about Paul after he redeveloped their world-renowned training software.

“I've worked with Paul for a number of years and found him to be honest, reliable, hard-working, and autonomous. Paul took a lead role in several projects for me, including my Fitz's Atlas of Coating Defects App and the new Corrodere Academy training site.

Paul has many good innovative ideas. I'm pleased to recommend his work”

Brendan Fitzsimons - Director at Fitz Coatings

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