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Obtaining and Maintaining UKAS Accreditation

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A guide for asbestos survey companies who want to obtain and maintain UKAS accreditation for their business

Reducing Your Report Writing Time

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Speeding up report writing is best way to increase your profit margins - and clients will be happier too!

Phones vs Tablets for surveying

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Should you use a Phone or a Tablet for surveying? Here are the pros and cons.

Floorplan Software for Asbestos Surveyors

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Good floorplan software is essential for creating high-quality asbestos reports.

The Ultimate Guide to Asbestos Software

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Everything you need to know about asbestos software.

Outsourcing Your Floorplans Abroad

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Could you benefit from outsourcing your asbestos survey floorplan drawings?

Should You Switch Asbestos Surveying Software?

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Should you switch your asbestos surveying software to a modern alternative?

Off the Shelf or Bespoke Surveying Software?

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Should you Build or Buy? The King Brothers weigh the pros and cons of each.

Software to Make Your Surveying Company Unstoppable

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Useful software systems for your surveying company

Choosing Asbestos Survey Software

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Things to consider when choosing asbestos surveying software.

Startup Checklist for Surveying Companies

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Practical steps for starting your new surveying company

Improving The Quality of Your Asbestos Survey Reports

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Create high-quality asbestos survey reports for your clients.

How to Win More Surveying Work

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Find and win more surveying work, all year round.

Speeding Up Your Report Turnaround

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Actionable tips to speed up your report turnaround