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Choosing Asbestos Survey Software

Things to consider when choosing asbestos surveying software.

Your asbestos survey software helps you stay competitive and profitable.

Good software lets you perform surveys quickly and use your workforce effectively. So what should you look for when choosing software?

Phone Support

In the early days, asbestos survey software was limited to iPads, Tablets and PDA's.

Nowadays, its more convenient to survey using your mobile phone. Phones are smaller. They have better cameras. They're easier to carry up ladders and in confined spaces. So make sure your software is designed for mobile phones, first and foremost.

iOS And Android Support

iOS and Android devices make up around 99% of the global market share for mobiles. That's a massive share of the market!

Market share by mobile operating system

If your surveying software doesn't support both IOS and Android, it's probably an antique.

Easy Installs & Multi-Device Support

Watch out for...

Software providers that force you to use a specific phone or tablet to carry out surveys. The software often has to be installed by a member of their team.

Being restricted to a single device comes with hidden costs.

You'll need to pay for installation costs, hardware costs, and there might be delays waiting for your device to be configured.

You might be scared to break your device due to the high cost of a replacement. If you forget to take your specially-installed mobile device to site, you'll be unable to complete your survey.

It's much better when...

Software providers let you use their app on any device. You won't need to invest in a new phone or tablet, you can just use your personal one.

Look for asbestos surveying apps you can download onto any phone or tablet from the App Store (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Offline Support

As a surveyor, you'll often carry out surveys in areas with no internet signal. Since an internet connection isn't guaranteed, your app needs to have excellent offline support.

Completing a survey should take the same time with-or-without an internet connection. When you get an internet connection, your data should sync up automatically.

Avoid apps that freeze, lock records, or require a manual data sync.

Flexible Survey Templates

Make sure your software has flexible templates. Basic templates for asbestos include:

  • Certificate of Reoccupation.
  • Demolition surveys.
  • Ladder and mask checks.
  • Management surveys.
  • Refurbishment surveys.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Sample collection.
  • Statement of cleanliness.

If you provide other inspection services, make sure your software has pre-built templates for those services too.

You'll need to make tweaks to match your own templates and processes. So templates need to be flexible and allow changes.

Fast On-site Data Collection

Surveying is repetitive work. You'll inspect similar materials in similar rooms. So it's important to find a surveying app that promotes fast data collection and muscle memory.

The ability to copy records and rooms will save you lots of time in your day-to-day work.

Enjoyable To Use

It's easy to overlook the importance of one feature when you're comparing surveying software. Is it enjoyable to use?

You'll be using the app every day, so it needs to be easy to use. More than that, the app should be enjoyable to use.

If you find yourself cursing at your phone, start looking for other software.

Quality-Control Checks

Quality-control is an essential part of the asbestos surveying process.

Most modern asbestos surveying apps include built-in quality-control checks. It should be easy for another surveyor to check the quality of your survey reports.

If your quality-control process is complicated, it will cause delays in generating invoices.

High-Quality Reports

Your reports should have the "wow factor" and encourage repeat work.

Besides the survey itself, the survey report is what your client buys. Your client should feel like they've had good value for money

Your survey report should do your hard work justice. Find a software product that creates professional-looking reports, and shows your inspection findings in their best light.


Choosing Asbestos Survey Software - What Are Your Options?

Of course, we recommend Flow Mobile Surveying - as we believe it's the best product 😉

However, there are lots of other products available, so we suggest you check them out!


There are plenty of asbestos surveying apps on the market. We recommend doing your research and trialling as many as possible.

If you'd like a free online demo of Flow Mobile Surveying, the fastest asbestos surveying app, get in touch.