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A Guide to Designing an Asbestos Management Report

Paul King
April 20, 2020

How do you design an asbestos survey template that stands out from the rest?

At Flow Software Solutions, we've been through the pain of designing an asbestos survey report, that meets all of these criteria. So we can give you some useful tips to help you create your template.

In this article, we'll take a detailed look at the asbestos management report template used within Flow Mobile Surveying, and why we've made specific design choices.

Make sure you comply with the relevant health and safety guidelines in your country when creating your report  (e.g. HSE 264 guidelines)

Cover Page

The first thing your client sees. Eye catching and easy to understand.


The primary and secondary goals of the cover page are to identify the report and the surveying company.

What DON'T you need?

  • Version numbers
  • Signatures
  • Other services offered by your company
  • Postal addresses of your company  

All of this information is handy - but doesn't help you fulfil the primary and secondary objectives

Table of Contents

The main index page for your report. Find important sections from this page.


Structure your report carefully so readers can quickly navigate to important sections.

Report Details

Specific information about the survey.


Information to include:

  • Where - was the survey?
  • What - was the survey type?
  • What - were the summarised findings?
  • Who - performed the survey?
  • When - was the survey carried out?
  • When - was quality assurance completed?
  • When - was the survey issued?


The scope of the work and the purpose, aims, and objectives of the survey.


The opening paragraph is a good place to mention any standards or guidelines you are following eg. HSG 264.You may want to include your legal disclaimers here too.

Introduction > Access Allowances

The scope of the survey and any scope variations.


Executive Summary

Briefly describes the scope, type and extent of the survey and summarise the most important information, including: the locations with identified (or presumed) ACMs; areas not accessed (which should be specific to the survey and not generic); ACMs with high material assessment scores; clear notes on any actions (and priorities).

Executive Summary > Summary of ASBESTOS CONTAINING MATERIALS

Materials which you confirmed as asbestos-containing.


The asbestos register will contain the same information in more detail.

Executive Summary > Summary of Suspected asbestos containing materials

Materials you suspected of containing asbestos, but turned out NOT to contain asbestos.


Executive Summary > Summary of Limited Access / No Access Areas

Inaccessible areas during the survey.


There may be several reasons for limited access, including:

  • Confined spaces
  • Continually occupied spaces
  • Infestation
  • Locked areas
  • Live Service Supply

With no access areas, it is assumed that asbestos is present, until a further assessment can be undertaken.

Asbestos Register

All identified – or assumed – asbestos in a workplace.


The person with management or control of a workplace must ensure an asbestos register is prepared and kept at the workplace.

Survey Inspection Detail

A full list of the areas surveyed.


This will contain both non-asbestos containing and asbestos-containing materials.

Material Assessments

Describes each asbestos-containing material in more detail.


Supplementary information for the asbestos management report.

The appendix may include high-quality floor plans which could not be included in the body of the report (you may have included a lower-quality version within the document itself)

Floor Plans

Floorplans showing the location of confirmed (and suspected) asbestos-containing materials


Bulk Analysis Results

The lab results for suspected asbestos-containing materials


This Report Was Created With Flow Mobile Surveying. Flow Mobile Surveying is the fastest surveying app for creating high-quality asbestos reports, using your Apple or Android phone or tablet.

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