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A Sneak Peek at our new Layout Editor

Paul King
May 4, 2020

Exciting news folks, there's a fantastic new update coming for Flow Mobile Surveying!

The Layout Editor

We are working on a flexible new layout editor, which will allow you to make rapid changes to your layouts.

Our customers ask us to make changes to their layouts regularly, so we wanted to put the power in your hands.

Sneak Peek at the Layout Editor

The layout editor is still a work in progress and the finished interface will be more user friendly. But we couldn't wait to show you!

Why are we so Excited About This Feature?

Well for starters, it will give you our customers, much more control over minor layout changes.

You'll be able to make changes to your layouts without any help from us.

  • Update text.
  • Re-order sections.
  • Change colours and styles.
  • Remove sections.
  • Add sections from a library.

The layout editor will let you “drag-and-drop” pre-made components into your layout.

How will the Layout Editor Work?

Let’s say you want to make a change to your asbestos survey report. And you want to split the Executive Summary for Asbestos Containing Materials into different risk bands.

In our new layout editor, you'll simply be able to replace the ACM component with the style you want.

So instead of this style:


You'll be able to choose this style instead:


Now that’s a truly exciting concept!


We want to make it easy for you to make changes to your own layouts. This new layout editor is a great first step towards that goal, although it's still fairly rough around the edges!

Would you like to see how Flow can be customised to your reporting style?
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