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A Sneak Peek at our Template Styling Tool

Paul King
May 8, 2020

Sometimes you see a software feature and think, wow, that works like magic!

Our new style editor tools for Flow Mobile Surveying will bring that same "magic feeling" to your survey templates. We can use styles from your logo to quickly create templates which perfectly match your company branding.

Here's a sneak peek at the new style editor. These editing tools are currently an admin feature and not available to clients, but we plan to open it up to clients in future so that you can tweak the styles of your templates even further.

Faster Template Development

One of the benefits of the new editing tools will be faster template turnaround times for clients.

The new style editor will reduce the time it takes us to create new templates. When we release our layout editor in the coming months, the process will be even quicker. Until now, template styling has been a manual process for us, so it was fairly time-consuming.

From Logo to Branded Template

To figure out your colour palette, we start by uploading your logo.

One of our New Zealand based clients, Consultex, have this lovely logo with purple and grey colours:

Flow Mobile Surveying - Template style editor
Flow Mobile Surveying - Template style editor

Once the logo is uploaded, Flow Mobile Surveying does some clever magic to figure out the colour palette.

So for Consultex, we’ve automatically pulled out the greys and purples to create a unique colour palette, perfectly tailored to their company. Now when Consultex creates new reports, their branding and colours will be shown on the printed document. The whole process is effortless and will look like it was designed specifically for them

Software tools like this help us have good conversations with our clients about their brands, their styles, and what makes them different. They help us close the gap between our clients business and our own, and deliver a product that fits.


Our new styling tool lets us build templates that closely match your company branding. Now you can use the Flow Mobile Surveying app, with your existing template style.

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