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📱 v1.0.22 - Conditional Logic Improves the App Experience

Paul King
August 21, 2020

The latest mobile app update for Flow Mobile Surveying includes significant improvements to forms.

Conditional logic shows and hides fields for a better app experience.

How Does This Update Help You Survey Better?

This update makes it clear which fields you need to complete during your survey. You'll find the app more intuitive, and need less training when we release new templates. Bonus!

Until now, we've focused on phone experience; since we recommend mobile phones to our clients (they're kinder on your wrists and elbows and more comfortable to carry around). This update has some quality-of-life improvements for tablet users. You thought we'd forgotten you, didn't you?

We're thrilled to release this update; since it makes our app faster and more enjoyable to use. Both are core principles of Flow!

Mobile App

We update the Mobile App every 2-weeks or so.  

v1.0.22 includes significant improvements to forms, to improve ease of use:

  • Improved form rendering on tablets
  • Template forms look better on iPads and Android tablets
  • Faster data input
  • We only show the fields you need to enter; this speeds up data input and reduces error
  • Full-screen combo-select boxes
  • Expand combo-select boxes to fill the whole screen
  • New conditional logic on forms
  • Fields are shown or hidden, based on previous choices  
  • Improved save prompts
  • Automatic save prompts when you tap the back button
  • Floating save button
  • No more scrolling to the bottom of the screen to update your inspection records

Updating the App  

Your app should update automatically. If not, you can update manually using the instructions below.  

Updating on Android

  1. Browse to the Flow Mobile Surveying app on the Google Play Store
  2. Tap the update button

Updating on iPhone and iPad

  1. Browse to the Flow Mobile Surveying app on the Apple Store
  2. Tap the update button


This app update makes forms responsive and provides a better user experience. The update improves your experience when using tablet devices too.

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