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📱 v1.0.53 - Tree View and Copy Rooms Improve Data Collection

Paul King
August 24, 2021

We believe software should be intuitive and easy to navigate. 

That's why we've released a new Tree View feature that makes navigating your inspection items easier, especially for larger jobs.

With the new Tree View, you can:

  1. Navigate through lots of data.
  2. Swipe-to-copy multiple items.
  3. Long-Press to edit multiple items.
  4. Thumbnail previews for photos.

1. Navigate lots of data quickly

Before v1.0.53, the mobile app rendered a single list of items, so finding individual inspection items could feel like a game of Where's Wally.

In v1.0.53, we've grouped inspection items using a Tree View. Since everything is visually separated, it's now easier to locate specific records.

Learn more about Navigating the new Tree View

2. "Swipe-to-copy" Multiple Items

One of the most voted-on features on our public roadmap has been the ability to copy rooms.

And it turns out; there are some excellent use-cases for copying rooms., for example, asbestos surveyors surveying almost-identical houses often experience a lot of repetitive typing.

The new "swipe-to-copy" functionality in v1.0.53 of the mobile app makes on-site data collection faster than ever. You can copy an entire building, level, or location in seconds!

Swipe right to copy multiple items

3. "Long-press" to Edit Multiple Items

A typo can be a real pain if you've made the same mistake in a hundred different places. That's where our new "bulk-edit" feature comes in handy:

  • Correct typos for multiple items.
  • Rename locations quickly
  • Update naming formats.

Tap and hold the group you want to rename, then use the form to edit fields for all items within the group.

Bulk edit fields for your multiple items

4. Thumbnail Previews for Photos

Forgetting to take a photo on-site can be an expensive mistake.

At the very least, a missing image will result in an incomplete-looking report. Or worse still, you may need to revisit the site to take the missing photo. And the site could be hundreds of miles away!

Our new image previews act as a helpful reminder so that you can spot missing images at a glance.

Thumbnail image of an inspection photo

Which Templates Have We Upgraded?

We've updated the following templates to use the new Tree View navigation:

  • Asbestos Survey v4 - The default asbestos survey template used by our clients in the United Kingdom. This template follows the HSG264 standard by the HSE.
  • Asbestos Survey Worksafe v3 - The default asbestos survey template used by our clients in New Zealand. This template follows the Worksafe standard.

We'll gradually upgrade our report templates to use the new feature.

Excited to Try The Tree View Feature?

If you're an existing Flow user, you can use the new Tree View features by updating your mobile app to v1.0.53.

Follow the instructions below to update your IOS or Android device.
Updating your mobile app

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