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Asbestos Survey Template Customisation

Paul King
February 27, 2020

Your template is an important document. It has your logo, your branding, your processes, and differentiates you from hundreds of other UKAS accredited asbestos surveying companies in the UK. It’s one of the ways you can show clients that you are different.

So what happens when you switch to Flow Mobile Surveying? You want to use the fastest asbestos survey software, but does that mean giving up your old template style?

Option 1 - you choose our default templates

Do you want to get started right away?

Selecting one of our default templates is great if you want to get started quickly. Our templates have been painstakingly crafted; they're smart-looking and a suitable choice for 90% of companies.

They can be customised too.

  • Your logo and branding.
  • Include your own text and contents.
  • High-quality when printed.
  • Quick to setup - get started immediately.

Option 2 - we build you a bespoke template

Do you have a very specific template style?

When you want the reports to look and behave very similarly to your existing ones, we can make a digital version of your template.

The setup takes a bit longer, as we'll need to work with you to build the template.

Case Study: Summit Environmental

We recently worked with Summit Environmental, to digitise their existing asbestos management template.

Summit Environmental is an asbestos surveying company, based in London and West Sussex. They kindly permitted us to write this case study. Thank you!

1. We Studied The Existing Template

We used the existing template as a guideline to create the digitised version.

We took fonts and colours from their website to keep the report consistent with their brand; our goal was to keep the new styles as close as possible to the ones used on their website and original version.

Original asbestos management template:

Summit Environmental - Asbestos Management Template - Cover Page
Cover Page
Summit Environmental - Asbestos Management Template - Executive Summary
Executive Summary
Summit Environmental - Asbestos Management Template - Material Assessments
Material Assessments

2. Template Digitisation

After studying Summit's original template, we digitised the template to work with Flow Mobile Surveying app. We also made some improvements including:

  • Punchier cover page.
  • Matched colours to client website.
  • Moved data to a Report Summary section - meaning it will be easier to scan.
  • We switched to grey for the default colour and reserved blue for the very-low risk level.
  • Switched to black text to improve contrast.
  • Updated table layouts to make them easier to scan.
  • Matched fonts to client website.
  • Improved numbering.
  • Landscape and portrait document orientation.

3. Template Review

Next, we asked Summit Environmental to review the changes.

New “digitised” asbestos management template:

Summit Environmental - Flow Asbestos Management Survey Report - Cover Page
New cover page
Summit Environmental - Flow Asbestos Management Survey Report - Executive Summary
New executive summary

4. Client Sign off

Mark told us he was happy and signed off on the template design. He signed up to a subscription plan and was able to use the software right away.

Mark can now capture survey data quickly using the Flow Surveying App, using any IOS or Android phone or tablet. Most importantly, Mark can create surveys that look similar to his old template style.

Will the New Template be Different?

Slight Template Differences

When we digitise your template, there will be slight differences between your old survey template and the new one.

The new template won’t be identical, but we’ll make sure you get a chance to review the changes. Most differences should be relatively minor, though.

Template Improvements

We’ve been making software for a long time. So we understand how to create striking documents, designed for print and PDF.

We have plenty of experience in the asbestos industry too, so we are familiar with how asbestos surveys should look.

All digitised templates will:

  • Contain an index for quick reference
  • Look good when printed.
  • Have consistent fonts
  • Have consistent colours

We use your logo, fonts, and colours (usually taken from your website) to make sure the template matches your existing branding.

Here’s how we use your logo styles to create a customised template


Flow Mobile Surveying has a flexible template builder. So we can create templates that look similar to your existing style.

Do you have a template you'd like us to digitise to work with the Flow Mobile Surveying app?

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