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New Template - Asbestos Survey v4

Paul King
March 7, 2021

Asbestos Survey v4

This week we released our highly-anticipated Asbestos Survey v4 template.

Asbestos Survey v4 includes several new features, including Room Notes and Signatures. We've improved the workflow and polished up the appearance of reports.

There are dozens of minor improvements, too many to mention. So I've outlined the major improvements below:

Room Notes

Our most-requested feature in 2021 is Room Notes.

This feature lets you record general notes for a room, which adds depth and context to your reports.

Recording room notes is an excellent way to show clients you've thoroughly inspected each room in the building!

Most-requested features in 2021

Surveyors usually follow a repeatable process during their inspection:

  1. Walk into a room.
  2. Record general room notes.
  3. Record individual inspection points where asbestos is suspected.

Asbestos Survey v4 closely mirrors surveyor behaviour by adding support for Room Notes.

You can record inspection details for entire locations or single items, depending on the type of activity you're doing.

Locations and Items

When adding inspection records, the mobile app will now prompt you to choose one of the following inspection types:

  • ‍Locations‍. Choose 'location' to record general notes for the room or location. You can record notes for any room, level, or building. The mobile app is very flexible.
  • Items‍. Choose 'item' to record a specific item and material. You can record non-suspected ACM's, suspected ACM's, or sample points.

Sign Offs

Sign-offs let you mark each stage of your report as approved. 

'Quality Control' and 'Issued' are two typical sign-off stages. Your company might have other sign-off steps, depending on your process.

Sign-offs give staff and clients transparency over your reporting process. Anyone reading your reports can see which member of the team completed each task and when.


Adding Signatures to your reports demonstrates that you've checked the report quality. It's your "stamp of approval" for the survey report, giving clients extra confidence.

The Asbestos Survey v4 template is flexible, allowing you to add signatures in several ways:

  • Sign using the mobile app.
  • Upload signatures onto the dashboard.
  • Add Digital signatures (e.g. Adobe Acrobat).
  • Hand-write signatures.

Or you can omit signatures entirely. Your report will still look fine without them.

Signatures as shown on the asbestos survey report

Better Reporting for Non-Suspected Items

Old Behaviour

Previously, if you recorded an item but didn't suspect any asbestos, it wouldn't be shown at the end of the report. So there wasn't any photographic evidence shown.

This kept the report size small. But user-feedback was that the report looked bare if there were few suspected items.

New Behaviour

Now, in the Asbestos Survey v4 template, the report shows all items with photographs in the appendices.

Displaying all items with pictures helps to pad out survey reports with few suspected ACM's

Clickable Images on Reports

A small but useful feature we've added is the ability to click on images within reports to see the full resolution image.

This can be especially useful if you're viewing a small thumbnail image and want to see more detail.

Your clients can also click on images directly from the PDF!


Asbestos Survey v4 includes the best features of Asbestos Survey v3, and new features to improve on-site usability.

Room Notes enhance the speed of data collection on your mobile device and makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Signatures give reports more authority and traceability.

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