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Climbing the Summit of the Asbestos Survey Industry

Paul King
February 25, 2020

Flow Software Solutions are delighted to welcome Summit Environmental onto the Flow Asbestos Surveying App for Android and IOS devices.

Summit Environmental is run by Mark Elwell, who has a wealth of experience in the asbestos industry. We chatted to Mark about his business and plans for the future.

What does Summit Environmental do,  Mark?

We provide asbestos surveying, consultancy, and risk management services, based from offices in London Mayfair and West Sussex.

In addition to asbestos management services, we also provide advice on other harmful materials.

What are "deleterious" materials?

Deleterious materials are materials that are hazardous to human health, such as asbestos, lead paint, vermiculite, silica dust, mercury, and hair plaster.

Once we’ve identified these materials, we provide risk assessments and management plans, to allow companies to comply with the law.

How do you know my brother, David?

We worked together at Lucion Environmental, when David was developing their in-house surveying software, Lucion NexGen.

David and I didn’t work too closely together, but I was aware of the work he was doing, as I was using the software myself. There were regular updates to the software as David developed and improved it daily.

Did you enjoy your time at Lucion?

I loved my time at Lucion; I worked as an operations manager there for about four years in total.

During that time, my team grew from 5 to 15 staff members. I was lucky to be involved in some great projects, such as Gatwick Airport. It was a great team and a fantastic start to my career at a management level.

So what happened after you left Lucion?

I left Lucion after about four years, and ever since I’ve enjoyed a successful career in the asbestos industry.

I worked as Operations Manager at Capita Property, Regional Client Manager at Environmental Essentials, then as a Project Manager at Fibre Management.

And then you started your own asbestos surveying company, Summit environmental?

Yes, after the birth of my daughter, I decided to start my own asbestos company. My priorities changed with fatherhood; I wanted to be close to home and be my boss.

The idea was to run an asbestos company with a focus on providing high quality and excellent service. So far, so good. The business is on track for fast growth, and I’m hoping to take on further staff and grow to 1m+ turnover in the next few years.

Summit Environmental aims to be the pinnacle of the asbestos survey industry. With a background in outdoor pursuits, including surfing and rock climbing, the Summit Environmental brand we created, matched my passion for the outdoors, and our aim of being the top of our industry.

What were your reasons for investing in asbestos surveying software?

As a small but fast-growing company, I wanted to make sure I was running a tight ship. I know from my time at Lucion that good surveying software can make a big difference to your bottom line.

I also wanted to make sure that I wasn’t spending unnecessary time on business admin.

You looked at Teams Asbestos Software first. Why did you choose Flow Mobile Surveying?

Yes, I initially looked at Teams, Alpha Tracker, and Toolkit, which are all well known in my industry.

By coincidence, David King reached out to me for a catch up at the same time. David showed me a demo, and I was impressed by the speed and real-time functionality.

It was vital for me to find a software product built for speed, which could create professional-looking survey reports. I also wanted software that was affordable for small teams, with the ability to scale as my company grows.

As a small business, price is always important; the software is more cost-effective than other software on the market. My relationship with David was also a significant factor, and I was highly impressed by the capability of Flow Asbestos Surveying Software.

What are your plans for the future, Mark?

My goal is to carry on growing Summit Environmental, with the ultimate goal of becoming a multi-million-pound asbestos and hazardous materials consultancy.

At the same time, I won’t cut any corners, and I will keep delivering the highest quality and service to my clients!

Thanks, Mark.
We look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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