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Custom Cover Pages for Your Asbestos Survey Reports

Paul King
September 2, 2021

Asbestos surveyors. Think of all the asbestos survey reports you've read in your lifetime. How many of them left a lasting impression?

Stand out from everyone else

In our recent State of the Asbestos Industry Survey report, 36% of asbestos surveying companies said that increased competition or a slow down in work was the most significant risk to their business.

With the asbestos industry being more competitive than ever, having a handsome report can help you stand out from the competition, so you win and retain more work.

So how can you transform your (possibly rather dull) report into an attractive and eye-catching document that will impress your clients?

You start with the first thing your clients sees, of course, the cover page!

Custom cover page, designed for JAX Asbestos

Why customise your cover page?

Firstly, let's consider the effects of a 'poor' cover page. A poor cover page may give clients an impression of a poor report, even if your report content is good.

Unfortunately, most asbestos surveying companies fall into this trap. They gloss over their cover page and assume that good report content alone will prevail.

By neglecting their cover page, surveyors often miss out on the opportunities that a well-designed cover page offers. A good cover page will:

  1. Re-enforce your branding.
  2. Differentiate you from competitors.
  3. Make your reports unmistakeably your own.
  4. Demonstrate your credibility with accreditations or testimonials.
  5. Advertise any other services you offer.

But...You're Not a Designer?

Now, chances are, you're not a design expert.

And the idea of coming up with a swanky cover page like the one above probably has you scratching your head 🤔 (it makes my head hurt even thinking about it).

And that's ok. After all, you didn't get into asbestos surveying for your skills with a pencil. I can't imagine many asbestos surveyors also moonlight as designers.

But this skill shortage offers an opportunity too. Since the overall standard of cover pages in the asbestos industry is relatively low, it doesn't take much to make your cover page stand out.

Our Cover Page Design Service

Hopefully, I've convinced you of the advantages of investing in a good cover page by now. And I'm sure you agree that it's probably best to leave design work to the professionals.

Now, at Flow HQ we're no designers either. We have enough basic design skills to get by, but software development is our true forte.

That's why we've teamed up with Paul Scurrah at THAT Branding company to offer our clients a cover page design service.

Here's a photo of Paul surrounded by white space. Designers love that, right?

Paul Scurrah Designs Cover Pages for Flow Mobile Surveying
Cover page designer, Paul Scurrah

Cover page examples

Paul has delivered some great results for our clients, both in the asbestos surveying world and beyond. There's a design for everyone, some are simple and some will make your eyes pop out!

Check out our gallery of awesome cover pages:
Client cover page gallery

Interested in a custom cover page for your business?

Get in touch and we'll raise your reports to the next level!

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