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FDT Services Can Enjoy Their Evenings and Weekends Again

Paul King
October 18, 2020
FDT Services - fire damper testing company

“This software will transform my business”.

That was Peter Moore’s reaction when he first tried the Flow Mobile Surveying app.

FDT Services are the latest Fire Damper Testing company to join the Flow platform. It’s a family-run business, based in Somerset. Peter and his son Brendon carry out the site-work, and Peter manages the company.

Do you Know how Time-Consuming it is to Write Fire Damper Reports?

When we met Peter, he was spending his evenings and weekends writing reports. Fire damper reports can be huge. Some reports have hundreds of inspection points. So Peter’s old method of manually copying and pasting photographs was taking days to complete.

Peter’s goal is to grow the business. He hopes to pass it onto his son Brendon one day.

Peter realised that the solution was to free up time to spend on business development. He started trialling Flow Mobile Surveying - to make sure the new fire damper testing template was fit-for-purpose in the real world.

After his first inspection, Peter called us to say that, instead of having hundreds of photos to copy and paste, he now had just two items to check. He could finish the report and enjoy his evening.

He sounded happy!


Fire Damper Inspection is a new template within Flow Mobile Surveying.

Fire Damper reports normally take hours or even days to complete. They can run into hundreds of inspection points. With Flow, the same reports take minutes. Once you return to the office after a hard day’s work, your report will be ready to send.

Would you like to see our new fire damper templates in action?

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