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Flow Mobile Surveying - Free Trials Available

Paul King
April 22, 2020

You can now try Flow Mobile Surveying software, before committing to buying a licence.

What can you do in the trial version?

You can do (almost) everything you can do on the live version, hooray!

The only thing you can’t do is print a survey for your client without a watermark.

It's a great way to test the app and the dashboard in your own time. You can try surveying your house or office to get a feel for the app.

How can you trial the software?

We normally run through a quick 30-minute demo of the software first, then set you up on the trial account afterwards. You can book a demo using the link below:


Our free trial lets you try Flow without any commitment. You can try the app in your own time and print reports in your own reporting style.

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