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Flow Software Solutions Turns One, Today!

Paul King
June 1, 2020

The first year of any company is always a roller-coaster ride, and our story is no different.

We’re delighted to say that after our first year, our company is stable and profitable, and we’re happily out of the first year danger zone. Thanks to our clients for helping us grow!

Here are some of the milestones and adventures we’ve experienced along the way.

We Started our Journey

We decided to build an asbestos surveying app, using our co-founder, David King’s experience at Lucion Environmental

You told us you what you wanted, a fast surveying software, for creating high-quality reports. So, our journey began, and we set to work building it.

Late Nights at the Office

We worked long days and nights to get the product ready.

Our office whiteboard earned its keep too, as we covered it in scribbles and diagrams to keep us focused.

It was a busy but rewarding time, as we inched closer to our goals.


We Released our Product

We reached an important milestone.

Our product Flow Mobile Surveying was ready!

We launched the software, without too much fanfare, but lots of grins.

It was all about getting feedback at this stage, so we had lots of conversations with surveyors to understand our niche better…and we realised there was a bigger market than just asbestos surveying.

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We Featured on our First Podcast

We had a product; now it was time to tell people about it.

NurtureYourZest interviewed us, and we talked about our experiences starting Flow Software Solutions.

Among many other things, we spoke about our reasons for starting the company, and ambitions for the future.

We got our First Customer. Thanks, Mark!

Of all our milestones, this one was pretty special—a real cause for celebration.

Summit Environmental became our first customer, led by perhaps the happiest man we’ve ever spoken to, Mark Elwell.

Mark gave us some excellent feedback in these early days and helped us develop our first asbestos survey template.

We Landed Some More Customers Along the way.

More customers joined our platform, and we realised we had a useful product.

We were thrilled to have found traction so quickly, and encouraged by our early success.

But no company should rest on its laurels, as we were about to find out.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Struck

The government announced a nationwide lock-down, and we realised things were about to change.

As businesses closed their offices, we couldn’t help but think the timing could have been better.

But start-ups must adapt, and we were grateful to be safe and healthy.

We Switched to Homeworking and Faced a new Challenge, Toddlers!

The Coronavirus and home-working brought some new challenges for the company, but nothing we couldn’t handle.

Some of the challenges we faced were:

  • Toddlers trying to bash their way into offices
  • Barking dogs
  • Muted microphones
  • Strange working hours
  • Weekends blurring into weekdays
  • What day is it again?

We got our First International Customer From New Zealand!

Ben Alford and his team boldly launched his asbestos surveying company, Consultex, amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

They needed a flexible software system to capture survey data. So they chose Flow Mobile Surveying, and we had them up and running right away.

Consultex also helped us develop our asbestos clearance templates, thanks, guys!

…and They Partnered up With us

After using Flow Mobile Surveying, Ben and his team were impressed with the speed of the software and the ease of use. They realised that the rest of the New Zealand surveying market could benefit.

Their experience and attitude impressed us too, so we decided to partner up and promote Flow Mobile Surveying to the New Zealand market.



So that brings us to today, our first anniversary.

The Coronavirus pandemic struck at an interesting time for Flow Software Solutions. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, with more company directors working on their business rather than in it. So we’ve been lucky to increase our customer base during this time.

We are grateful to everyone who has helped us get to this point and encouraged us along the way. And to our clients, whose success matters to us.


It's been a wild ride over the last year. But our road-map for the future is clear.

We will continue to be the fastest software on the market, for creating high-quality surveys. Meanwhile, we will expand our template library to reach surveyors from all industries. We have some excellent customisation tools planned and we are very excited about the future!

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