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I Built Lucion NexGen, What's Next?

David King
January 14, 2020

In 2012 I joined Lucion Services as their software architect and built NexGen, the surveying software that powers their business. Lucion is now one of the largest and fastest-growing asbestos companies in the UK.

Now eight years later, I’m building something better. It will be the fastest asbestos surveying software on the market.

What is NexGen?

NexGen is a software product that powers every aspect of Lucion Services. NexGen played an essential role in the growth of the company to be one of the most significant players in the risk management industry. I continue to be proud of my work there.

The software manages everything from on-site survey data collection to lab results, invoicing, and report generation.

When Lucion appointed a new CEO in May 2019, their new investors said:

“Lucion represents an exciting opportunity to back a market-leading business within the testing and inspection sector. With its scale and national infrastructure, together with its industry-leading NexGen operating system, we can see a clear opportunity to work with the team to accelerate the company’s growth both organically and through further acquisitions.”

But why didn't Lucion use an off-the-shelf solution?

There are plenty out there.

The answer is simple - they weren't good enough.

“After a long search for an off-the-shelf solution, we realised that the asbestos / hazard-management software market is crowded with outdated technology unfit for our long term strategy. Solutions that would still require our clients to use multiple systems to manage their risks in their assets.”

Sadly, those outdated products are still the default choice for asbestos management companies today.

Now we've built something better

Lucion NexGen is a closed platform. You can't use it. But now, you can work with us.

At Flow Software Solutions, we're working with other surveying companies to build even better reporting tools for the asbestos market.

NexGen gave Lucion a competitive advantage. Now we can offer other companies of all sizes the same advantage. Today, our customers are getting all of my experience with Lucion NexGen, coupled with the latest and greatest technologies.

Want to learn more?

Flow Mobile Surveying is a surveying app for asbestos and inspection types. We've focussed on fast report turnaround, so you can compete with established companies like Lucion Environmental.

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