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Improved Data Entry with Better Scrolling

David King
December 17, 2020

Today we've made it easier to perform data entry by tweaking scrollbars in the dashboard.

These changes improve the behaviour of scrolling through large datasets.

Why Did We Add This Feature?

Users found it difficult to navigate when there were several pages of inspection records. This update offers:

  • Better dashboard navigation.¬†Navigation is more straightforward when you have multiple pages of inspection records.
  • Simpler QC checks.¬†It's now easier to find specific inspection items, making QC more enjoyable.
  • Add inspection items from anywhere.¬†¬†A floating button lets you add new inspection items when looking at any section of the inspection data.
  • Faster loading.¬†A nice side-effect of this update is that inspection records load more rapidly,¬†as the browser doesn't need to render data that are not visible!


The old dashboard wasn't the easiest to navigate when viewing tables. This update makes it more straightforward to check and edit your data.

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