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📱 v1.0.72 - Improved Media Manager

David King
July 19, 2022

v.1.0.72 has an improved media manager.

TLDR; uploads are more reliable, use less power and images no longer hang-around on your device taking up space.

This release is quite technical, but we think worth drilling into since taking photos is a core part of surveying.

Uploads run sequentially

This means the app uses less power and prevents entry-level devices from crashing with multiple parallel uploads.

If there is an issue with the upload, the manager will skip the image and come back to it later.

Refreshing is more reliable

When you refresh the uploads, it will immediately start the upload.

This also lets stalled uploads (ie: those that have failed too many times) to try again.

Images are removed after successful upload

Previously, images would stay on your device until the user removed them from the gallery.

This manual process has been overlooked by many of our users, and so their device storage would gradually fill up, causing issues when trying to save new images.

We now default to removing the images as soon as they've successfully uploaded.

This means that Flow Mobile will no longer "bloat" in terms of storage requirements, and removes the need for manual work.

Optionally copy images to your gallery

BUT! We've heard that some users like their photos to be backed up locally.

Users can optionally backup their media iCloud or Google Photos. This defaults to off, but can be enabled in the app settings.

Error logging

As you may have guessed, uploads can be tricky. Especially at volume, while being careful of offline devices.

Historically we logged some errors. Messages like "this upload failed because the 3G went offline" were ignored.

Now, we log more errors and warnings like connectivity issues to help us diagnose the issues that our customers may have.

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