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Meet the Flow Software Founders, The King Bros

Paul King
March 11, 2020

The King Brothers. Who are we?

We're the sibling-team behind Flow Software Solutions. After seeing a gap in the market for a fast surveying app, we teamed up to build Flow Mobile Surveying.

We recently recorded a podcast for Nurture Your Zest in Newcastle Upon Tyne. You can listen to the podcast below.

We chatted about what motivates us, our goals in business; and as the podcast name suggests, how we "nurture our zest".

We Talked About:

  • Our journey and careers before Flow.
  • Why we started Flow Software Solutions.
  • Learning to code at 13, and learning to code at 33!
  • David King's experience as the software architect at Lucion Environmental where he was introduced to the asbestos surveying industry.
  • Why we developed Flow Mobile Surveying.
  • Why you should help others with the same dedication you give to your sales pipeline.
  • What it's like to work in the entrepreneurial hub of Hoults Yard.
  • Finding your social purpose in business.
  • Running a software business and being a dad.
  • Why "switch-tasking" doesn't work.
  • Why we love networking.


The podcast host is my wife, Ashleigh King. So be prepared for a light-hearted interview with lots of joking around.

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