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New Zealand Based Company, BTW Joins Flow Mobile Surveying

Paul King
July 16, 2020
BTW - Asbestos surveys and management plans in New Zealand

We warmly welcome New Zealand based company, BTW as new clients. The environmental services team at BTW chose Flow Mobile Surveying to streamline their report writing, as the asbestos surveying side of their business continues to grow.

BTW offer many services including:

  • Environmental compliance.
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting.
  • Health Safety and Environmental auditing.
  • Asbestos surveys and management plans.

Webcam Meetings

We had our first conversation with BTW at the start of the Coronavirus lock-down. The New Zealand-to-UK time difference meant that we were burning the late-night oil, while they were waking up.

So using webcams from the other side of the world, we greeted asbestos surveyors, Teone Smith, Paul Gibbons, and Donald Duncan. They said hello from their brightly lit rooms, and we said hello from our dimly lit ones. Teone led the conversation, and we remarked on his unusual name - did you know that Teone is an old whaling name? Now we do!

He explained that Teone is an old family name; his ancestors were whale hunters!

Teone said he had asked for a demo because he liked the name Flow - it reminded him of an old snowboard he once owned called Flow. Of course, we found this pretty hilarious. David had a chuckle, "here we are trying to validate our business, and you just like our name."

So the conversation got off on a light-hearted note.

Asbestos Surveying - Growing Pains

Teone explained that BTW has around 65 - 80 staff in the company and eight environmental surveyors. They do lots of work with soil and water, but asbestos surveying is a significant growth area for them.

Writing reports by hand was starting to become time-consuming and painful.

With the growth of their asbestos surveying work, Teone explained they were looking for asbestos survey software to streamline report writing. Teone had reviewed other software but liked Flow Mobile Surveying because it looked easy to use.

Software Demo

With blurry eyes, we whistled through an online demo of Flow Mobile Surveying. It was our bedtime after all!

Teone, Paul, and Donald asked the kinds of questions experienced asbestos surveyors ask. We chatted about on-site inspections, samples, client requirements, and if they could change parts of the template - we explained that this was all possible.

David suggested next steps would be to get them set up with a template to review - and to try surveying their homes to get a feel for the app - they agreed this was a good idea since it was lock-down and they wouldn't be doing much else anyway!

Sign off and Setup

After trialling our software, Teone and Paul said they liked it and wanted to go ahead.

Testimonial from Paul Gibbons, asbestos surveyor at BTW Company


We worked with BTW to build bespoke templates for asbestos management, refurbishment, and demolition surveys. Now they are creating high-quality survey reports using the Flow Mobile Surveying app.

Want to see why BTW chose the Flow Mobile Surveying app to streamline their report writing?

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