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Your Poor Job Management System is Costing You Dearly

Paul King
June 18, 2021

How many times have you started the day with good intentions, only to have your plans railroaded by minor job-related tasks? 

Don't worry; you're not disorganised. 😉

Your System is the Problem

It's frustrating to get side-tracked by repetitive tasks, especially when they take you away from revenue-generating activities 💲.

I often speak with asbestos surveying companies who experience daily frustrations with managing jobs, like figuring out the status of a job. Or checking staff availability so you can schedule a new one.

Historically, the best way to manage your jobs was using an office whiteboard with appointments scribbled all over it. Or using old-school software.

But your flawed system is costing you more money than you think:

  • You forgot a few tasks today, so what? The problem is the knock-on effect. Forgotten tasks lead to longer report turnaround times. Which means it'll take longer to get paid.
  • Workforces are more remote now. It's not practical anymore to rely on an office whiteboard and "telephone ping-pong" to communicate work schedules to your team.
  • There's a lost opportunity cost. Beware. Poor job scheduling has a lost opportunity cost. You could be earning money for other clients during those unexpected gaps in your schedule.
  • You've always scheduled jobs this way. That may be true. But your competitors are modernising their operations. Isn't it time for you to update yours too?
  • Staff "deadtime" is costly. Poor scheduling means staff end up sitting on their heels doing nothing. But you still need to pay them!

A flawed job management system isn't just costing you money 💲. It takes a physical and mental toll on you too.

Better Systems Make You a Better Manager

When it comes to your job performance and mental health, a better job management system will pay dividends:

  • You'll be happier. You can focus on fulfilling and rewarding work rather than repetitive admin work.
  • You'll be less stressed.  Manual scheduling is complex and stressful. Offloading this responsibility to your job management system means your stress levels will fall.
  • Your team will perform better. Understanding which surveyors are available and when means you can always send the best person for the job.
  • You'll focus on high-value activities. Not being bogged down with minor tasks means you can focus on high-value activities where your primary skills lie.
  • You'll feel calm and in control. Knowing the exact state of every job within your company will make you feel more relaxed.

By modernising your job management system, you can focus on more strategic work and growing your business. And you'll feel less stressed than you do now.

So, what's the key to transforming from a scattered manager to a laser-focused manager?

Hooray for Job Pipelines

Within Flow Mobile Surveying, we've taken a project management style approach to job management.

When setting up a job, you assign it to a "pipeline". Pipelines are a series of stages that you must complete before the job is considered completed.

Pipelines act as a "to-do" list, so you always know the exact state of each job within your schedule. Neat!

Job pipelines in Flow Mobile Surveying help you manage your schedule

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