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Sibling-Led Surveying Company, JAX Asbestos, Joins Flow

Paul King
November 27, 2020

Glasgow based asbestos surveying and removals business

JAX Asbestos Solutions is a family-led asbestos surveying business, based in Glasgow. They joined the Flow Mobile Surveying platform in November, to speed up their report writing.

I chatted to Managing Director, Laura Cameron about her experiences running an asbestos surveying company in the midst of Covid-19. She explained how the team met, how lockdown has affected business (clue - it’s busier than ever), and why she chose Flow Mobile Surveying.

(I’ve been a long-admirer of Laura’s LinkedIn posts, with their brightly-coloured branding, so it’s great to have JAX join our community of surveyors!)

Laura Cameron, Managing Director of JAX Asbestos
Laura Cameron, Managing Director of JAX Asbestos

Tell Me About JAX Asbestos Solutions, Laura

After working for several asbestos surveying companies, Sean decided to branch out and start his own.

I was living and working over in Gibraltar at the time, and when he started to get busier, as I had also worked for an asbestos surveying company and had the knowledge, he called and asked me to move home and help which I did in March 2019.

How Does The Team Know Each Other?

An easy one, Sean and I are brother and sister!

We’re slowly expanding the company with close friends we’ve made in the industry over the years. For example, Grant, Sean, and I all worked together as part of a team about 8 years ago at the same company, and we’re loving working together again!

What Work Does JAX Carry Out?

Everything asbestos…surveying, removals, consultancy, sampling, soils and training…

We eat, sleep, and breathe it (so to speak).

How Has The Covid-19 Lockdown Affected Your Business?

We initially didn’t know if JAX would survive the first lockdown but used the opportunity to look at ideas to grow the business if we did, i.e. survey software. Luckily, we survived and are busier than ever, which we’re very thankful for!

Do You Think Its Important To Share Your Knowledge With The Asbestos Community?

Yes, we always enjoy seeing other companies’ informational posts, both on what they do as a day-to-day business, and how their business is doing; especially with everything that’s going on.

Despite our experience in this industry, we still find asbestos in some unique places which it’s good to spread awareness of.

Why Did You Decide To Switch To Reporting Software?

The biggest reason would be to save time, both for our clients and ourselves.

We wanted to enable a much quicker turnaround time than we provided before. We also wanted our reports in an easier to understand format, which is something we’ve been looking at doing for a while.

Why Did You Choose Flow Mobile Surveying?

LinkedIn. We see regular posts from both Paul and David, so when Paul got in touch, and we were looking for new software, it was a no brainer to demo FLOW, and it’s changed our company for the better already!

JAX asbestos managing director, Laura Cameron testimonial for flow mobile surveying


With its experienced brother-and-sister team, JAX Asbestos Solutions has had no trouble weathering the Covid-19 lockdown.

I’m sure that Laura, Sean, and Grant have a bright future ahead of them. The Flow team is excited to help JAX Asbestos Solutions grow - and listen to their feedback on how we can improve the software!

If you’d like to see how Flow Mobile Surveying can help you grow your business, contact us for a demo.

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