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State of the Asbestos Industry 2021 Report

Paul King
November 15, 2021

Our State of the Asbestos Industry report is ready, and it's filled with some incredible insights. Thank you to every asbestos professional who contributed and pooled your collective knowledge into this report 🙏

You can download the 27-page survey report at the bottom of this article.

Why did we create this report?

After two years of chatting to asbestos surveyors worldwide, Flow Mobile Surveying co-founders David and Paul King have learned a thing or two about the challenges facing the Asbestos Industry.

We commissioned the State of the Asbestos Industry Report to help you adapt and stay ahead of the curve, learn from your peers, and make better business decisions as the asbestos industry evolves.

The survey participants

We surveyed over 130 professionals working within the asbestos industry, and they shared their thoughts and feedback on the issues that matter to them. Now we're pleased to share these insights with the broader community.

The survey included participants from 5 continents, ranging from asbestos surveyors to managing directors, each with a unique perspective on the asbestos industry.

A special thanks to

I want to thank the following people for sharing their opinions on specific subjects which (I hope) give our report a human perspective:

What will you learn from the report?

Download the report to learn:

💡 The Methods your competitors are using to grow their business.
💡 The Services your peers are moving into to diversify their business.
💡 Risks and Challenges facing the Industry.
💡 How staff perceive the Working Conditions in your Industry.
💡 Thoughts and views on Accreditation.
💡 Top concerns about Technology.

We've tried to make the report as balanced as possible and cover a wide range of topics, rather than just the issues you'd expect us to talk about as an asbestos software provider.

Download the 27-page report

I urge every asbestos professional to read the State of The Asbestos Industry report – especially if you're looking to grow your business. You'll learn that despite the challenges facing the Industry, there are plenty of opportunities too.

Download the State of the Asbestos Industry 2021 Report

I hope you find these insights as valuable as we did 😃

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