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Unscheduled Jobs

Paul King
June 29, 2022

We've updated the dashboard to make managing jobs easier.

You can now create unscheduled jobs when you don't know when the site work will begin. This feature will help you track your job opportunities in one place (the Flow dashboard) without needing a pen and paper.

You know the (old) situation.

👉 You're about to leave the office.
👉 The phone rings with a new work opportunity.
👉 You don't have time to check your calendar.
👉 You hastily jot the job down on paper and plan to schedule it later.

But you're a busy surveyor, and time is in short supply. So fast forward a day or two.

🙁 You lose the scrap of paper.
🙁 You forget to follow up on the lead.
🙁 You miss out on the work opportunity.

Yikes. Not a great situation!

Say Hello to Unscheduled Jobs

Previously you couldn't add jobs via the dashboard without a Site Work date. The required site work date meant there was no way to log planned (but unscheduled) jobs in Flow.

Now rejoice, because the Site Work date is optional. So you can create the job with the information you have available, and input the Site Work date later.

Identifying Unscheduled Jobs

We've added a new "unscheduled jobs" filter in the jobs list to help you find jobs without a site work date.

You'll notice that unscheduled jobs have a blue icon – a calendar with a cross inside it – to distinguish them from other scheduled jobs.

Want to Learn More?

You can learn more about unscheduled jobs by heading over to our knowledgebase.

Learn more about unscheduled jobs

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