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📱 v1.0.70 - Preventing Duplicate Images & Deleted Data

David King
June 9, 2022

v1.0.70 of the mobile app helps you collect even cleaner data!

Preventing Duplicate Images

Copying Inspection Items is a powerful feature that saves lots of repetitive data entry on-site, especially when surveying similar rooms or cross-referencing existing sample points.

Until now, when copying an item, or items, when you chose "Select all Fields", this would include the original photographs.

But in reality, most of the time when copying inspection items, you'll want to take new photos.

In v1.0.70, when copying an item, or items, we assume you'll want to take new photos. So we exclude photographs by default during the copy. And you can optionally include them.

Don't Accidentally Delete Data

When a field is hidden, it's not saved.

This is expected behaviour, but sometimes trips up our new users.

In these scenarios, we now show a clear message that hidden data won't be saved. Tapping the message takes you to our knowledge base article What Happens To Hidden Fields?

What's Next?

We'll be picking some low-hanging fruit from our public roadmap to add the most value to our customers. Voting on the roadmap is a great way to contribute to product development.

Ideally we'll be able to fix the stability issues for Samsung Users. A bug that has been dogging us for a while.

In the longer-term we'll be choosing a larger feature to tackle; Improved Scheduling and Business Intelligence tools spring to mind. We'll see.

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