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📱 v1.0.76 - Create PDF Reports on the Mobile App

Paul King
November 14, 2022

A feature request that has been gaining momentum over the last few months is the ability to preview and print PDF reports using the mobile app. Until now, you could only create reports using the dashboard.

In v1.0.76 of the mobile app, you can now create reports directly from your mobile phone or tablet device.

Why Create Reports On-site?

Creating reports on-site is helpful for many situations and industries, but I've highlighted a couple of obvious use-cases below:

  • Asbestos Survey Reports
    With clients breathing down your neck for the report to start their refurbishment or demolition works, it's no surprise that you want to issue reports on-site when no asbestos risks have been found – issuing reports to clients on-site means you're not delaying the demolition or construction works in any way.
  • Asbestos Air Testing Reports
    Sometimes issuing reports on-site is a necessity, for example after carrying out asbestos four stage clearances and air tests. You need to hand over the certificate so that removal contractors can pack up their equipment and finish the job. If they have to wait until you're back at the office to get the report, you'll have an angry contractor on your hands.

See This Feature in Action

Flow co-founder, Paul King explains how to create reports on the mobile app, how it's impacted by offline working, and gives some general tips and tricks.

Or, if you want a shorter version (with more confetti), check out David King's release notes instead.

Feedback From the Community

Joe McEvilley is an active fire fighter who uses Flow to create fire risk assessments and asbestos survey reports for his business FRA Asbestos.

Joe had some colourful things to say about the new mobile app release – here are his comments in all their mad, uncensored glory, thanks Joe!

"I'm loving the new View Report button – it's speeding me up as I can now send reports from my phone.

It makes me look good on site, especially today, I showed a lady the report right after I did her fire risk assessment and she was well impressed. She looked at me like I was part of "The Magic Circle" lol

If I had a womb I'd have yours and David's children! Thanks for being the bollox!" - Joe MvEvilley

Updating Your Mobile App

To update your mobile app to the latest version, follow the instructions in the knowledgebase article below:

Updating the mobile app

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