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Welcome Constructive Critic-turned Client, Harper Envirosafe!

Paul King
July 22, 2021

We love welcoming new clients. But this one feels extra special.

Over the last year, Adrian Harper has given the most constructive feedback for Flow Mobile Surveying. But that's no surprise. Adrian is rather extraordinary. A rare and mythical asbestos surveyor/computer programmer 🦄 - who knew such a person existed?

David King and I demoed Flow to Adrian a year ago, full of confidence and bravado. He told us there were a few missing features. Ok, closer to 30 missing features. Talk about being detail-oriented. Yikes!

It was brutal to hear at the time. But we jotted down Adrian's feedback and beavered on developing our software.

Six months later, we checked back in with Adrian. Instead of being closer to his requirements, we felt further away. He had more suggestions and even schooled us on one of the finer details in the UK asbestos standards!

Another six months and countless new features later, Adrian said he was ready to give our reporting software a try. David looked at me and raised his eyebrows: "Are you sure you want to tackle that setup?" I did!

So this week, precisely one year after our first meeting, Harper Envirosafe officially became a client. The moral of the story is don't give up - and work hard to make your biggest critics your best clients. It'll be worth it.

Adrian will be carrying out asbestos surveys using the Flow Mobile Surveying app, as well as Bulk Sampling work and re-inspections. We can't wait to hear your suggestions for improving the mobile app and dashboard!

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