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👋 Welcome March 2021 Clients

Paul King
March 31, 2021

One thing is for sure; at Flow, we love working with smaller asbestos surveying companies!

So with a whole host of small companies joining the Flow community this month, we're over the moon. We're grateful to have been chosen as their technology partners.

Smaller asbestos surveying companies often compete with much bigger companies in their industry, so we feel inspired by their fierceness and hard work. They're underdogs, grafters, and champions, our kind of people!

For every big asbestos surveying company serving big clients, ten hard-working small companies serve the smaller clients.

Welcome New Asbestos Surveying Clients

  • Asbestos Management New ZealandAMNZ, as they're otherwise known, joined Flow as they wanted to find fast, reliable software to create survey reports.
  • LS Environmental ServicesBolton based asbestos removals and surveying company joined Flow on the recommendation of their new surveyor Rick Bradbury.
  • Shelter EnvironmentalAfter deciding to expand the surveying side of his business, owner Scott Sunstrum ditched his Word templates and joined Flow to speed up report writing.
  • Almond EnvironmentalAlmond Environmental Consulting provide asbestos management, refurbishment and demolition surveys in non-domestic buildings. 
  • Asbestos Demolition and Remediation: Experienced surveyor Terry Parker runs this New Zealand based asbestos surveying company.
  • EO Asbestos Specialists: Friendly Glaswegian, John Craig runs this Glasgow-based asbestos surveying company.
  • Greenhive Asbestos Management: This Birmingham based company provides asbestos management surveys to social housing.

Thanks for the Five Star Review!

Here's what Lindsay Johnstone from Almond Environmental said about Flow Mobile Surveying on the app store. Thanks for the five-star review, Lindsay!

"This app has been a godsend. I was doing all my surveys on paperwork which was a nightmare to review and took ages to produce a report. 

I have been using it for a couple of months now, and I'm happy with the report layout and how easy it is to use. I had an online trial of the software before I used it with no pressure to subscribe. It's well worth the subscription"

Are you Looking for Faster Report Turnaround?

Are you a small asbestos surveying company? Are you tired of writing reports late at night or weekends?

An average-sized asbestos survey report can take up to two hours to write manually. That's where our mobile app, Flow Mobile Surveying, can help:

  • Spend time on income-generating activities.
  • Capture survey data on site quickly.
  • Automate your report writing.
  • Eliminate time-consuming tasks.
  • Take control of your business.

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