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Hi, Friend of Ian Gregory 👋

Thanks for your interest in Flow Mobile Surveying, the fastest reporting app for the HVAC compliance industry.

Since you're here, Ian has probably referred you to us from one of his training courses – so welcome and hello 👋

Ian has been a splendid champion for Flow Mobile Surveying ever since he helped us build Flow's templates for Fire Damper Maintenance and Kitchen Extract Cleaning, following Besa Group's TR19 Standard. Now Ian uses our software to create reports for his company, IAQ Services.

We admire Ian's mission to improve standards for himself and the entire HVAC industry. And now you're part of that mission!

Want to create reports faster, with less stress?

Report writing is one of the biggest challenges in the HVAC industry, where reports can run into hundreds of pages.

Manually writing reports involves lots of copying, pasting, and resizing images; it's time-consuming and takes you away from other high-value activities.

With Flow Mobile Surveying, you capture on-site data using your iOS or Android device and then create reports in minutes when you're back at the office.

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And here are some words from the main man himself:

"Flow Mobile Surveying has transformed my business, reducing the time my surveyors spend writing reports."

- Ian Gregory, IAQ Services