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Nicole's Story

Nicole is one of the world's leading experts on mould and investigating water damaged buildings. She started the building biology industry in Australia. She is the author of the bestselling book Healthy Home, Healthy Family, and founder of the Australian College of Environmental Studies.

But Nicole's story didn't start there. It started when she suffered multiple unexplained miscarriages, which was the result of the water damaged building she lived in. So she made it her mission to educate and improve the mould industry.

Why we teamed up to create Flow's Mould Inspection Template

Mould is an industry without much official guidance and there are many cowboys in the industry—historically, interpretation is up to each mould inspector.

Nicole says that this lack of standards and guidance is the biggest issue in the industry —she believes that mould inspections require a multi-pronged approach, incorporating data from multiple sources, using tools like Moisture Meters and Thermal Imaging cameras.

To establish some uniform standards within the industry and speed up report writing and —which Nicole says is a "real pain in the tush" —Nicole has teamed up with the Flow team to create a template for carrying out high-quality mould inspections.

The template provides a methodology and guidance for inspectors to follow when inspecting water-damaged buildings, based on many years of Nicole's work at the Australian College of Environmental Studies.

Software Walkthrough: Creating a Mould Inspection Report

In this 20-minute walkthrough video, Flow Mobile Surveying co-founder, Paul King explains how to create a mould inspection report using Flow Mobile Surveying.

Want to learn more about the methodologies and techniques behind this template? Nicole Bijlsma explains more in the video below:

Our Mission: Help you Create reports faster, with less stress

Our mission is simple: To help you free up your report writing time to focus on what matters —we want to help you enjoy a better work-life balance!

Writing mould inspection reports by hand is time-consuming and involves a lot of repetitive data entry; wouldn't you rather spend this time on tasks that need your expertise, like research and analysis?

With Flow Mobile Surveying, you can create reports faster, with less stress. You'll have more time to focus on high-value business activities, or spending quality time with your family.

With Flow Mobile Surveying, you capture on-site data using your iOS or Android phone or tablet, then create reports in minutes when you're back at the office.