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Senior asbestos surveyor, Chris Carradice talks about his experience using Flow Mobile Surveying.

Adams Environmental: A Case Study in Using Flow Mobile Surveying

Adams Environmental, a leading provider of environmental consulting and training services, faced a common challenge in the industry: spending too much time on manual report writing and data inputting.

The Challenge: Inefficient & Time-Consuming Report Writing

Adams Environmental was spending a significant amount of time manually inputting data using MS Access and creating reports with Microsoft Word. This was how they had created reports for years.

They were happy with how the reports looked, but creating reports manually with Microsoft Word was a time-consuming and error-prone process that often led to delays in issuing reports. They needed a more efficient way to write reports that would help them complete projects faster and with greater accuracy.

Early Reservations:

Adams Environmental have a unique report format for asbestos survey reports. They were worried that digitising their reporting would lead to a fairly generic-looking report, and they would lose the bespoke look and feel of their reports.

Their clients often complimented them on the quality of their reports, so this was something they wanted to maintain as they moved to a digital reporting software.

The Solution:

Adams Environmental discovered Flow Mobile Surveying, a powerful tool that enabled them to easily and accurately collect data in the field using their mobile devices. The app allowed them to streamline their report writing process by automatically generating reports based on data collected in the field.

With Flow Mobile Surveying, Adams Environmental's team could easily customize forms and surveys to meet the specific needs of each project. The app allowed them to quickly collect data on-site and share it with their team in real-time. The data collected was then automatically compiled into professional, customizable reports, eliminating the need for manual data entry and report writing.

The Results: Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

After switching from pen and paper to Flow Mobile Surveying for our reporting, Adams Environmental was successfully acquired just a year later.

"I couldn't calculate how much Flow has saved our company" said director, Alex Painter, during a meeting a few months after onboarding.

"After implementing Flow, we even considered downsizing from our large expensive office, as everyone was spending most of their time on-site rather than in the office writing reports manually," Alex told us.

By using Flow Mobile Surveying to streamline their report writing process, Adams Environmental was able to increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and reduce the risk of errors in their reports. The app allowed them to spend less time on manual data entry and report writing.

They were so successful that after just one year using Flow, they were successfully acquired by market leader, Environmental Essentials. Well done, Adams Environmental team!