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There may be times when you want to combine multiple reports into one.

For example, let's say you accidentally created a second report during a survey rather than continuing your work on an existing report.

In this situation, you'll need to combine both reports into a single report for your client.

How can you combine multiple reports?

Currently, there's no way to copy data from one report into another using the dashboard - vote for this feature here.

However, the Flow team can manually combine your reports using a data transfer script.

You'll need to:

1. Raise a Support Ticket.

2. Inform us that you want to combine your reports.

3. Include the Job ID and any other relevant information.

Limitations when combining reports

1. Combining reports is time-consuming, so please avoid this situation in future by being careful when adding new reports.

2. Reports must use the same template.

3. If there is data in a 'single' section (i.e. Scope, Cover Photo, etc) in the report being merged from, it will overwrite all data in that section on the report being merged into.

It is recommended you remove any data you don't want copied from the report prior to raising the support ticket, as it's much easier than remedying it once the data has been merged.