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Multiple cells can be selected allowing data to be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet. This is useful if you have an existing spreadsheet that you need to add data to, rather than exporting data into a new spreadsheet.

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How to select and copy data

1. Position the cursor on the first cell you wish to copy.

2. Press & hold the left mouse button.

3. Move the cursor to the last cell you wish to copy.

4. Release the left mouse button then press the right mouse button.

5. Click Copy (or press ctrl + C).

6. The selected data is now in your clipboard and can be pasted into your spreadsheet software.

Copying and pasting data.
Copy and paste data

Include column Headers

You can include the column headers in your copied data by following the steps above and clicking Copy with Headers at step 5.

Including Headers in copied data.
Include Headers in copied data