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Mastering Flow Mobile

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Improvements to the way the Mobile App manages media have been made to prevent the app taking up too much space on your device, however if you've been using the Flow app for some time, you may notice the amount of space it's taking up on your mobile device is substantial.

Free up space on Android

Google has an official guide to freeing up space on Android devices which can be found at Due to Android's flexibility the exact steps to delete app data can vary by manufacturer. A list of device manufacturers (with links to their support site) is maintained by Google so be sure to use this to get assistance with your specific device.

Free up space on iOS

App data cannot be deleted without using 3rd party apps on iOS devices. To remove all app data the app must be uninstalled then re-installed.

There's no official guide to this, but Business Insider has a useful step-by-step article.