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This article provides a walkthrough of a fire risk assessment using the Flow Mobile Surveying app. Once completed, you'll be able to issue an fire risk assessment or action plan to your client.

Note: This walkthrough uses the 'Fire Risk Assessment v5' template

Template Details

  • Template: Fire Risk Assessment v5
  • Standard: PAS 79
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Used by: Fire Risk¬†Assessors
  • Used for: Fire Risk Assessments

Preview an example report using this template

The Process

Here's the typical process to create a fire risk assessment report. You don't have to follow the steps in this exact order.

Before the Fire Risk Assessment

Before going on-site, follow these steps using the Dashboard.

1. Schedule a Job

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.‚Äć
  2. Schedule a Job.

2. Create a Report

  1. Navigate to the new job.
  2. Click Add Report.
  3. Select the 'Fire Risk Assessment v5' template.
Note: If you prefer to create the report on-site, skip this step on the Dashboard and Create the report on the Mobile App instead.

3. Input the General Info and Premises Details

The scope of work should have been agreed with the client before work commences.

During the Fire Risk Assessment

Use the Mobile App to record fire risks on-site as you walk around the building.

1. Record Fire Risks on-site

  1. Navigate to the 'Inspection and Action Plan' section.
  2. Add any risks you encounter. To save time entering data manually, we recommend you add all PAS 79 Hazards at the start of your survey using the All PAS79 Hazards Preset. Alternatively, you can add risks one at a time using the Quick Fill feature.

After the Fire Risk Assessment

Use the Dashboard to tidy up your report, carry out quality control checks, then issue the report to your client.

Once you've checked the report over and it's ready to issue, you'll need to complete the sign-off. You must add at least one Quality Control sign off. All other sign-offs are optional.

1. Quality Control

  1. Preview the Report and make sure it's ready for issue.
  2. Resolve any QC Errors on the Report.

2. Share the report with your client

You can either Download the Report as a PDF or Share the Report URL with your client, depending on their preference.