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When you perform actions that create multiple items at once (e.g. Bulk-Copying Items or Importing PDF Files), we mark the new items for review.

Here's an example of inspection items that we've highlighted for review after copying a location on the Mobile App.

Three items highlighted in red for attention

Why do we highlight items for review?

We highlight items for review when we think you'll need to make additional changes to each item. 

Highlighting makes it easy to methodically work through each new item, making changes as you go.

Imagine you've copied a room and all its inspection items to save time during a survey. The items in the new room may be near-identical, but you'll probably want to take new photos.

In this case, you can work your way through each new item and replace the photograph with a newly taken one.

Want to manually mark items for review yourself? View our guide to Marking Items for Review.

When are items automatically marked for review?

After copying a report

When you copy a report, all items on the new report are marked for review.

Why we highlight items: Copying reports is often done for re-inspections. We assume you'll want to work your way through each inspection point and see what's changed since the last inspection.

After bulk-copying items

When you copy several items at once (e.g. using the Bulk-copy feature on the Mobile App), the new items are highlighted for review.

Why we highlight items: Bulk-copying is often used to copy rooms. And while rooms may be fairly similar, we assume you'll need to take new photographs and make other minor adjustments.

After importing a PDF

When you Import a PDF into a Report, we create separate images for each page. We highlight each image record for review.

Why we highlight items: The import PDF feature is clever enough to figure out basic page orientation and size information. But we need you to input information such as the page titles.

How do you remove highlighting?

To remove the red highlighting from an inspection item, open the item, make any required changes, and re-save it.

By re-saving the item, you're telling Flow that you've checked the item and confirm it's ok.