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Adding a user

If you're expanding your team or working with new subcontractors, you may need to invite new users to your Flow account, so they can carry out surveys or create reports on your company's behalf.

You can invite new users via the User Management page on the Dashboard. If they require a 'Mobile' license, you may need to increase your license count first. Learn more about managing licenses.

Note: Only 'Admin' users have access to the Users page. Learn about user permissions.

1. Log in to the Dashboard.

2. Navigate to the Users screen.

User link on New Dashboard pages
Click the Users icon on the Dashboard

3. Select Add User.

4. Complete the form and assign the appropriate permissions.

5. Click Save.

Inviting a new user via Flow's dashboard
Inviting a new user to a company
Note: The email address cannot be changed once the record has been saved.

6. The user will receive an email inviting them to register.

Once the invited user has confirmed their email, you'll be able to assign them to jobs, and they'll be able to access the system.