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Mastering Flow Mobile

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Flow Mobile Surveying App settings can be configured to suit your work style and preferences.

The settings screen is split into 3 sections - Media, App Permissions, and Experiments.


Enable Media Uploads

Media uploads can be paused to prevent images being uploaded while on site. This is especially useful if your device has a data cap as uploading a lot of images can quickly eat through your data allowance.

Learn more about media uploads

Selected Camera

The default camera, imagePicker, works well for most devices but can cause the app to crash on some Samsung devices. Tapping the camera name toggles between the available cameras, allowing you to choose the one which works best for you.

Copy media to gallery

By default, photos taken in Flow are not saved to your devices photo gallery. Photos are saved to the Flow app until they have been uploaded, then they are removed to free up space on the device, however retaining a copy of the images outside of Flow may be desirable.

App Permissions

You are automatically prompted to grant the required permissions the first time you attempt to add an image. Alternatively App Permissions can be enabled on this screen, but not disabled.


Required to take photos with the app.


Required to browse for images / documents on the device



Tapping on Brightness toggles between light (default) and dark mode.

Learn more about enabling light / dark mode