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Why pinpoint the site address?

Pinpointing the exact co-ordinates of a site address offers several advantages:

1. Improved report accuracy

We display a map on reports to show your clients the exact location of the site being surveyed. Pinpointing the site position improves the accuracy of this site-map and reduces ambiguity for the client.

2. Better directions on the Mobile App

When working in rural areas with long sprawling postcodes, the map location might not be 100% accurate, this can affect navigation when Getting Directions using the Mobile App.

By specifying the exact site position, your hard-working surveying team will get to wherever they need to go.

How to pinpoint a map location

1. Add or Edit a job.

2. With the Address set, Drag the map marker to the adjust the coordinates.

3. Save the job.

Pinpointing the site address
Pinpointing the site address