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Quick Fills speed up data entry on forms – they're great for situations when you find yourself entering the same data again and again.

Quick Fills (much like presets) are currently maintained by the Flow team and are specific to individual templates. So you'll only see Quick Fill options that have been added to your templates.

Note: To get Quick Fills added to your templates get in touch with our support team.

Using Quick Fills

You'll see the Quick Fill Icon on any section of a report where Quick Fills have been added.

1. Tap the Quick Fill icon.

2. Select the option you require.

3. Once you tap the Quick Fill option, various fields on the form will be automatically filled in, according to how the Quick Fill has been configured.

4. Fill in the rest of the required form data and save the record.

Quick Fill example
Note: If data entered via Quick Fill will replace any manually entered data, you'll see a warning like the one below.