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The Project field is required when Creating or Editing a job.

The Project field allows you to name and group jobs in a sensible way, for example, by assigning your external job reference to Flow jobs.

Why use projects?

  • Traceability
    Cross-reference Flow jobs with your external system of record.
  • Searchability
    Search for jobs in the jobs list using your job reference.
  • Consistency
    Display your job reference on reports instead of ours.

What should I use for the Project?

There's no 'right way' to name your Projects; it depends on your way of working. The important thing is to be consistent.

Example formats:

Option 1 - An External Job Reference

If you already have a job reference number maintained outside of Flow, this is probably the best reference to use for your Project and works well if you use a 'global' prefix for your job numbers, or client specific prefixes.

Global prefix example: J0123
Client prefix example: ACME00122

The advantage of this option is that you can easily cross-reference Flow jobs with your external system of record.

Option 2 - A General Work Description

The second option for naming your projects is to use a general description of the work.

Example: Asbestos Demolition Works

This project naming convention is a good, low maintenance option if you don't have an external job reference.

Option 3 - First line of the address

Another option is to name your projects according to the first line of the address.

Example: 11 Teapot Studios

Option 4 - Use your own format

You're not limited to the Project formats above. Perhaps you'd like to combine two of these options or come up with your own Project format?

Example: ACME00122 - Asbestos Demolition Works

It's up to you!