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Mastering Flow Mobile

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When a job has been scheduled and assigned to you, you can view it on the Mobile App.

Job visibility criteria

You can only view a job on the Mobile App if the following statements are true.

  • You have Mobile App permission ✔️
  • You've connected to the internet to load the job ✔️
  • The Job is assigned to you ✔️
  • The Job has a 'Site Work' date (e.g. not an unscheduled Job) ✔️
  • The job is active (e.g. not an archived job) ✔️
  • You're viewing the right week ✔️

Viewing the correct day

By default, the Mobile App shows all jobs assigned to you for the current week.

The Mobile App will automatically scroll to today's date. If your job was scheduled for a different day, you can scroll up and down to view jobs for past/future days.

Scroll up and down to view earlier/later days

Viewing the correct week

If you want to view jobs for an earlier or later week, you can tap the left/right scroll buttons to view jobs for past/future weeks, respectively.

Tap the left and right buttons on the mobile app jobs lost to view earlier/later weeks
Tap the navigation buttons to view past/future weeks