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Pipelines indicate a job's progress — you can update them manually to keep track of the status of a job.

On the Dashboard, the default jobs list shows jobs where one or more pipeline stages is incomplete. When all stages are marked as complete, a job is considered complete and removed from the default view.

We create pipelines for you when we setup your account. They can also be customised to match your internal process.

Pipeline example

Here's a typical pipeline for an asbestos survey that has five stages. These mirror the real-life steps a surveyor must go through to complete a survey.

Example of a Pipeline

We can customise the stages to match your process.

Learn more about customising pipelines.

Pipeline stage options

There are 4 possible states for a pipeline stage:

Incomplete - indicates the stage has not been completed

Work in Progress - the stage is currently being worked on

Snag - shows that there's an issue with the stage that needs addressing

Complete - shows the stage has been completed

Pipelines on the Dashboard

The All Pipelines Dashboard view shows each pipeline as colour-coded stages. Hover over each pipeline stage shows its name and current status.

Hover over the pipeline to see the status for each stage

When filtered to show a specific pipeline, the job list shows each stage separately and displays the state icons.

The pipeline stages are expanded when viewing a single pipeline

Updating a pipeline stage

You can change state of a stage within a job. Click the stage you wish to change, then select the desired state.

Click on a pipeline stage to change its current state

Pipelines on the Mobile App

You can view and update pipeline stages on the Mobile App, too. Getting into the habit of updating pipeline stages is a great way to communicate progress with your team; for example if you've just finished the site work, changing that stage to complete notifies the office so they can start the next task.

You can swipe left and right to view all pipeline stages on the Mobile App

Updating a pipeline stage

Tapping on a stage brings up the edit menu. Select the required state and the pipeline is immediately updated on the Mobile App and Dashboard.

Tap on a pipeline stage to update its current state

Offline considerations

If your device is offline the pipeline shown on the app is updated immediately and the change is synced to the Dashboard when the device goes back online.