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In 2020, our beloved customer Ian Gregory helped us create our Ventilation Hygiene Cleanliness Report.

His feedback and advice was amazing. Without him we'd probably still be making that template today. Maybe not. But maybe.

Mr Ian Gregory.
Ian in all his glory.

He helped us understand thresholds for acceptable cleanliness levels, the intricacies of supply and extract ductwork, Air-Handling Units, Wet-Film-Thickness Tests, Visual assessments and System Categories.

Who knew that operating theatres had to be so clean? Everyone did. But Ian wrote it down for us.

To paraphrase:

Operating theatres have to be so clean
I didn’t see the unicorn

Now we had it in writing that operating theatres have to be so clean. He also couldn't find the unicorn, so we fixed that for him.

If you can't see the unicorn, let us know.