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Release Notes

What's New in the Flow Mobile Surveying App

Software by The King Brothers 🔥

The Dashboard looks a bit nicer now.

Download entire reports as a spreadsheet. People will like that.

Text inputs auto-expand, and combo-boxes behave just like the mobile app.

There's a little icon that shows if the current report is in the clipboard.

Report Timelines now show where the report was copied to.

Job dates look like a calendar. We'll be turning that into a schedule soon.

Never lose data again. A warning for unsaved changes on forms.

Uploaded files are rendered in the grid.

We can refresh uploads for our mobile users.

The inline audit shows who made the last change.

I have de-chonked the schedule.

The job-view looks great; less derpy for jobs with lots of data.

Clearer permissions like, "You don't have permission to view this page".

See which sections contain items marked for review.

The default hint works like the mobile app.

Searching for Jobs now includes Job notes.

When adding a job, the pipeline and user is automatically set, when appropriate.

The Jobs View now loads faster — with awesome features like pinning columns and exporting data.

When searching, you can choose to ignore typos. Exact matches for the win!

Exclude specific terms during the search. Be-gone, Term. No-one wants you here.

Clicking the support link is now more likely to work. It had Stormtrooper accuracy.

We render 100 jobs at a time, rather than 20.

Long notes, and big addresses are hidden behind a "show more" link. Save paper, don't print long notes, or big addresses.

I reviewed all the tooltips. They're friendlier now. Less of that agro.

Export all visible jobs to Excel.

Search has better language for Pipeline related filters.

Search will prompt to look in archived Jobs.

We warn users about using small screens. It's not a great experience.

User avatars are always up to date.

Creating new Clients and Projects is much clearer.

Pipeline search is much better and less not good.

It's easier to find a template when adding reports.


Creating a job with missing fields? Shame on you. Have an error.

Nudge users when creating unscheduled, or unassigned jobs.

When editing an archived job or report, the form header turns red.

Address co-ordinate lookups are now a more robust.

It's not possible to submit a form if something is being uploaded.

Import PDF has been revamped. Select individual pages.

Checkbox to open jobs in a new tab. This gets saved for future sessions.

Tab titles clearly identify the job by displaying the job ID and address.

Double click a job row to open the job.

Double click the Ghost to meet a friendly Skull.