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Asbestos Survey Reports

Your asbestos survey reports should be clear and easy to read. Not just to you or another asbestos expert. Your reports need to be understandable to an everyday Joe. After all, their purpose is to keep your clients and other stakeholders safe from risks.

As well as clearly showing any risks within the building, your reports showcase your brand, skills, and unique experience. When creating your report template, its worth sweating the details, as the report is both your product and your shop window.

  • Building a report template from scratch? Don't re-invent the wheel, start with a pre-made report
    Creating your own report template but unsure where to start? A common approach is to obtain asbestos survey reports from your peers and use those as a starting point. Be respectful though. You don't want to copy another report. Just get inspiration and figure out the best parts. Alternatively, ask your asbestos reporting software provider if they have a pre-made survey report you can use. Whatever approach you take, make sure the report is compliant with the HSG 264 standard.
  • Follow a standard approach; it'll provide continuity with staff and clients
    A standardised approach to reporting is best, especially when working in a larger company. Create a standard report template and agree standard phrases and recommendations that you can use across the company.
  • Make a lasting impression and show off your brand with a custom cover page
    Make your reports stand out by adding a custom cover page – it will make a lasting impression with your clients and differentiate you from the competition by showing off your unique branding. Your cover page the first thing your client sees, so make it count.

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