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Doing Enjoyable Work

On average, we spend around one-third of our lives at work. So what you do in your day job can have a huge impact on your mental health and quality of life.

In this guide we'll cover some of the ways you can make your work more satisfying as well as finding a good work-life balance for yourself and your staff.

  • Do you spend Sunday evening dreading work on Monday morning? It's time to look inwards
    I never have this feeling. And it's because I LOVE my work. But many people do, and it's because they feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled at work. If you dread work on Monday morning, it could be time to look at what the work you're doing and where the joy went? Perhaps a side-step into another role is the solution?
  • Skilled surveyors should do skilled work. The alternative (skilled surveyors doing unskilled work) is bad for staff morale
    Are your staff doing the work they're trained for? When you regularly ask skilled surveyors to do unskilled or repetitive work (e.g. manual data entry), it's not only a waste of money, it's a morale suck, too. Could you audit the tasks your staff perform each day and see if any low-skilled tasks can be delegated?
  • Feeling stressed? You might want to move to a smaller company
    40% of asbestos professionals feel stressed at work. But staff at small companies (1-10) staff are 10% less likely to feel stressed at work [1]. What could you do differently to improve workplace wellbeing for yourself or your staff?
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