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Working with Subcontractors

Working with subcontractors is a flexible way to extend your team when working on larger projects. But subcontractors can be a bit of a wildcard and come with their own unique challenges.

  • Join online groups to find local subcontractors. Or ask your software provider
    There are various asbestos-related groups on LinkedIn and Facebook where you can advertise for subcontractors (e.g. Asbestos Removers and Shakers). Alternatively, ask your asbestos software provider for a shout-out in their user group or newsletter (we regularly do this for Flow Mobile Surveying users).
  • Give clients a consistent experience; provide reports in your style and branding
    Subcontractors may have their own reporting style and process. But you want to showcase your reports, not theirs. To provide clients with a consistent experience and ensure high-quality reports, invite subcontractors to your reporting software. It means that 1) reports will be in your style, and 2) reports will show your company branding, not theirs.
  • Limit subcontractor permissions to protect your client list and data
    By their nature, subcontractors are also your competitors. So you'll want to limit what they can see or do within your software. For example, you don't want them to see your entire client list if there's a danger they'll poach your clients. In Flow Mobile Surveying, you can limit permissions; e.g. Give subcontractors mobile app-only access rather than dashboard access.
  • Save software costs by reallocating user licenses or using pro-rated billing
    Subcontractors are usually employed for short-term projects, so you may want to reallocate an existing software license to them rather than paying for a new full-time license.

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