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📱 v1.0.56 - Search Inspection Items on the Mobile App

Paul King
September 10, 2021

We believe that products should be easy to use and navigate. That means providing powerful search tools so that you can find inspection items quickly.

Version 1.0.56 of the Flow Mobile Surveying app introduces local search features. Search for anything you need, and the mobile app will highlight any matches from your inspection items.

🔎 When is Local Search Useful?

There are times when you'll need to find inspection items you've surveyed previously; this could be to double check your work, or make sure you've inspected part of a building.

So rather than manually trawling through a long list of inspection items, you can now jump to a specific item by searching for a keyword or phrase.

The ability to quickly jump to an inspection item offers some other excellent advantages, too, like being able to rapidly sanity-check your work before leaving the site.

🔎 Some Common Uses for Local Search

Local Search will be handy for asbestos surveyors working on large jobs with lots of inspection points:

  • Find inspection items by their sample ID.
  • Locate an asbestos-containing item or material.
  • Navigate to a location or group of items.
  • Sanity-check your work before leaving the site.

Next up 💡

We'll be making some quality of life improvements to the mobile app in the next few days, including a few tweaks to make our recent Tree View feature smoother.

Then we'll be adding Pipelines on the Mobile App, so you can manage the status of your jobs while you're out of the office.

Stay tuned 😊

Want to Try The Local Search Feature?

If you're an existing Flow user, you can take advantage of the new Local Search features by updating your mobile app to v1.0.56.

Follow the instructions below to update your IOS or Android device.
Updating your mobile app

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